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  • Deletes Browser History

  • Deletes Google, Yahoo and MSN Search History

  • Deletes Auto-Complete

  • Deletes Cache

  • Deletes Cookies

  • Locates & Deletes Hidden, Locked index.dat

  • Deletes Recent Documents List

  • Deletes Windows Temporary Files

  • Empties Recycle Bin

  • Deletes File Search History

  • Deletes Windows Explorer History

  • Deletes Windows Media Player,
    Real Player & QuickTime History

  • Deletes AOL, MSN & Yahoo Instant Messenger Chats

  • Classify Sites

  • Permanently Shreds Files

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  • Internet History
  • Google, MSN and Yahoo Search History
  • Cookies, Cache and Temporary Files
  • AOL, MSN and Yahoo Instant Messenger Chats
  • Videos
  • And More!

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